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Digimon Revoution game based on popular homonymous anime series.
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 Hiroshi Guide For Players 2.0

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Hellgab Server Host Rules

The rules are strictly made for the enjoyment of new players and existing players:

1. Pk is Forbbiden, you will get 1 warning for a PK(PLAYER KILL) if it is repeated you will get Banned, the time you will get ban is equal of
how bad the situation is presented.

2. Respect the word of Host, GM, Adming and Owner.

3. Respect other players.

4. Do not post Outer Links that does not belong to the forum on the World Chat.

5. Do not use Inappropriate Language inside the server.

6. Do not make announcements of other games on the World Chat, that will be take as SPAM.

7. Do not spam.

8. Do not Caps Lock.


1. How do I digi-evolve?
Digievolution is reached when the digimon posses the amount of DATA needed. More explanation Keep Reading or
just search for EVOLUTION GUIDE.

2. Is there any other way to get more data?
No, the only way you can obtain data is by leveling up.

3. Is there any HP items?
Yes, they are located in the very first place you appear which is called Main Town. Datamon located to the upper left house sells both HP and MP Items.

4. How do I attack?
The command atk is just pressing the A bottom on your Keyboard.

5. How to Swim?
Swimming is special ability given by Vikemon after defeating {BOSS} Black Tyranomon.

6. How do I get Omnimon (omegamon)?
First you need to start with koromon/Tsunomon, then reach mega data to become Metalgarurumon/Wargreymon. Then you need to use Generation Gems to become Tsunomon/koromon to become Metal garurumon or Wargreymon, then get the Omni gem and reach mega data 2.

7. I can't atk even outside the main town?
Yes you can, if the message "you can't atk here" or anything similar appears is because you have leave the safezone yet, and you are in the boarder so anything can hit
you even if you can't. For more info about atk commands continue reading.

8.What level do I digievolve?
The evolution is based on data not level, and the data is given randomly on each level so there isn't an exact level to evolve.
More info keep reading.


You will noticed you were asked to pic a baby level digimon. Choose wisely which digimon you want, each of those can become different digimons.
Koromon > Agumon > Greymon OR Geo Greymon
Pagumon> Demidevimon OR BlackAgumon

The Idea of the game is to level up your digimon so you can defeat the {BOSS} Digimons which they are listed inside the game
by clicking the F1 key a HELP window will appear during your gameplay there's a boss guide with all digimons you must defeat in order
and where they are located. Please make sure to read carefully and try to look for them before asking their location, the map is not that big.

Budmons are the very first digimon you should fight, since they are the only level 1. If you find rookies or baby level digimon DONT FIGHT THEM cuz they will
kill you. Budmon is located on north west of town they are the very first digimon to appear to you.


HP CHIPS > sold by datamon on town, they regenerate HP of the digimon.
MP CHIPS> sold by datamon on town, they regenerate MP of the digimon.
Digimon Analyzer> They check digimon including players data.
Gems/Tag/Crest> Use for Digi Evolution, Check Digi evolution methods.

Basic Commands:

They arrow keys are used to move around the map.

A > when close to a digimon it will unleash a Physical atk please be carefull since it will also atk other players not just NPC. There are Places you aren't able to

Special Attacks> by this time you should have noticed that there's a ATTACK tab on your lower screen, there you will have your special attacks
for that to work you must FIRST target a digimon by double clicking on them, you will know when a circle surrounds them. Then just click the

D (toggle)> Like the name say's this options allows to switch between your commands when double clicking a digimon, from targeting to analize and viceversa.
Analize will tell you how much HP, LVL and RANK it has.

COMMANDS TAB> there isn't much to figure out there the name actually says it by itself. Except the one that says WHO, either you figure out or you click it
but that command will tell you the players online.

Go To Rest> Is a VERB or COMMAND in the commands tab, you clicked and you will be vulnerable for 10 sec, after that you will be re-spawned on the very first
place you began to play, that place is called Rest Zone, your HP and MP will recover once you entered.


Digimon gain data by level, what those it means? it means that your digimon requieres a specific amount of data to digi-evolve.
Rookie= 3.2, Champion= 6.4, Ultimate= 12.8, Mega= 25.6, Mega-2= 51.2 and Finally Mega-3: 102.4. If you didn't digievolve even thou
you have reached the data needed just level one more level it will fix it. The data will be given each level from .1 to .5 randomly
There is a way to know what are the option for your digimon evolution path, by going to:
Commands> Help> Excel Files, there are two files you can download one is for the special abilities for each MEGA RANK digimon
and the other one are the Digievolution Lines. (YOU NEED MICROSOFT EXCEL TO OPEN THOSE)


Acutally there is 1 way but is only 1 to jump from a evolution to another.
It's called Crest, these items were presented to all of us on DIGIMON ADVENTURE, where TAI and the rest use this items to make their digimon
evolve from Champion to Ultimate. What are the requirements? You need to be a Champion Ranked Digimon to use one,
and the other requirement is for you to find a TAG. Tags are the objects on their neck where they carried the crest on DIGIMON.
They are Hidden in the graveyard south-west. That's the information I will say, they graveyard isn't that big anyway.
How to find it? you will notice that in your command tab the option for PICK UP TAG appears, click it and in your Crest Case
the tag should appear.

In the main town inside one of the Houses, Azunlongmon resides in it, once you posses your tag he will give you a crest.
It will Appear inside your Crest Case and make you evolve to Ultimate, with your ultimate Data that is.

As you noticed IF you downloaded the file there are some names in different colors, those colors means NON IN GAME or NEEDS A GAME.
how you know which gem you need? by going to Commands> Help> Gem Guide, You will notice there's a list of digimons with gems.

Generation gems: gems you can take on a quest given by Imperialdramon PM Inside the main town, those gems once you get theme by going to calumon
it will take you back to a baby digimon of the gem you chose, the data will also go back to baby level BUT your normal level will stay the same,
and you will have lost all your evo bonus. You can turn back to the Digimon you were before BUT your data will be reseed to whatever your digimon
rank is.

Breakthrough gems: ( you must reach the data needed for each digimon even with the Gem on your case, calumon wont give you the evolution)
This gems are located via Susanomon Quest, north from town past the veemons. (you dont have to fight susanomon)
Some Digimons needs a special gem to Evolve.

Unic Gems: The Unic Gems aren't inside the game.

The game is not fully perfect but is good enough to enjoy the game right now I will mention some BUGS I (together with other users) have encountered:

Neptunmon> he cant be obtain it will go directly to Jumbogamemon.

LEOMON> This is not a bug but on the Excel Files Leomon does not show up but he is in game, To get him go via Viximon> Renamon> Leomon

Merukimon> even thou the EvoLine ffile says Gabumon, he wont become Merukimon when you reach mega. Instead you must take Gaomon > Gaogamon > Machgaomon > then with the speed gem go to Merukimon

Lucemon larvae mode > has no icon is completely invisible, so cant be target by users

Daemon can't be obtained. The path using Lucemon will directly go to Larvae mode. And the path with Lady devimon will go directly to Lotusmon

Alphamon> via path Dorugreymon will go directly to Dorugoramon. But via Knightmon can be obtained.

Magnamon> can't be obtained in any path. The miracle gem isn't working properly.

Ophanimon> Can't be obtained. The path via Angewomon will go directly to Magnadramon.

MonoDramon> will go directly to Dinohyumon

Ulforce-Veedramon> can use special inside the rest zone

Beelzemon> Even thou I got myself one, the case presented to another User that evolved to Diaboromon Instead. Via Infermon

Peckmon> has no special atk or it does not evolve to yatagaramon via crest

Arena> when someone challenges a person to arena, and that person never
reply a NPC will automatically show there and stay inside, blocking the use of the arena.

Boss Gem Quest> Sometimes the boss will become invisible for no reason what so ever.

Walk> sometimes the digimon will start walking on his own to any direction and wont move back.

AFK> sometimes users can't get out of the AFK state and will remain Frozen

Rest Zone> Sometimes when a NPC kills a player it will show as a arena battle and will spawn on the Rest Zone.

Silphymon> Does not posses special atk.

Monjyamon> Won't evolve to Mamoothmon or Skullmamoothmon, or in any other digimon

Ravemon> Can't be obtained

Chronomon> can't be obtained


LEVEL AND EXP DROP LIST OFF FIELD DIGIMON ( Bosses Dugeons Don't Count ) ver. 1.0 (All digimons except bosses from level 1 to 112)

Budmon lvl 1 - 50exp
Chicchimon lvl 2 - 100exp
Chicomon lvl3 - 200 Exp
Demimeramon lvl 6 - 300 exp
Dorimon lvl 8 - 400 exp
Gigimon lvl 10 - 500 exp
Gummymon lvl 12 - 600 exp
Kapurimon lvl 14 - 700 exp
Kokomon lvl 16 - 800 exp
Koromon lvl 18 - 900 exp
Kuramon lvl 20 - 1000 exp
Minomon lvl 22 - 1100 exp
motimon lvl 24 - 1200 exp
Pagumon lvl 26 - 1300 exp
Poyomon lvl 30 - 1500 exp
Pukamon lvl 32 - 1600 exp
Floramon level 80 - 4000 exp
Gabumon level 85 - 4250 exp
Gaomon level 90 - 4500 exp

Putimon lvl 34 - 1700 Exp
Tanemon lvl 36 - 1800 exp

Tokomon lvl 38 - 1900 exp
Tsunomon lvl 40 - 2000 exp
wanyamon lvl 46 - 2800 exp
Yokomon lvl 50 - 3000 exp
Agumon, Bearmon, Biyomon, armadillomon, falcomon, blackagumon, canddlemon, dokunemon, dorumon, dracmon lvl 70 - 3500 exp
Keramon lvl 112 - 5600 exp
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Hiroshi Guide For Players 2.0
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