Digimon Revolution

Digimon Revoution game based on popular homonymous anime series.
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 Grimmion-exo grimmon

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PostSubject: Grimmion-exo grimmon   Grimmion-exo grimmon Icon_minitimeThu Sep 22, 2011 6:36 pm

hey i was think a prrety awseom digimon should be add is grimmon from ddawn and dusk all way up to his mega form exo grimmon only poroble i know of is that he has no roocky ro intrinagy well te anwser is we make up a it and roccky digimon for grimmon they aint made by computers for nothing tehn to go t get the chaos core just make it a unique gem need to get grimmon to chaos grimmon then get the data need to get him to exo grimmon
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Grimmion-exo grimmon
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